Friday, July 27, 2012

Armani Junior fall 2012

I’ve fallen head over heels inlove with the new fall collection from Armani Junior! I can’t never get enough of shopping clothes for my unborn son, and I was actually surprised at how many cute designer clothes there were for boys. I thought it would be hard dressing him!

He would be too cute in these little outfits, and I wish I could afford every last one of them! These are of course only for babies, but there are just as adorable pieces for older boys (and girls!).


Infant’s Polo Footie/Infant’s Four-Piece Bodysuit, Cardigan, Pants & Bow-Tie gift set/Infant’s Faux Houndstooth Jacket Footie

But I couldn’t leave out this amazing toddler suit! Crazy adorable, so baby suit-up!


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