Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday wish list

I can’t believe my birthday is coming up in two short weeks! It really does seem like time flies faster the older you get. I always make a mental wish list, but it seems to get smaller and smaller every year. I really shouldn’t ask for more because I’m lucky enough to have everything I need and then some. But of course, there will always be luxury items I’ll always wish for.
1. Large Ballet Bag by Opelle @ Etsy in dove grey. Been drooling over this so bad I can hardly sleep at night! It comes in two sizes, but I think the big one is the best option for me. Comes in many gorgeous colours.
2. Tiffany’s Keys Kaleidoscope Key. I absolutely adore their keys! This is super expensive, but my favorite. I also love all the Daisy keys, which are much more afforable. As long as there is one diamond I’d be happy!
3. Hermés silk scarf. A timeless investment, and everyone knows you can never go wrong with Hermés! No particular style in mind as you never know what’s available, and they’re all gorgeous.
4. Creme de la Mer. Because it really is THAT amazing and I can’t afford to keep myself in it year round. Here for Norway.

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