Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Xen-tan Transform daily self-tan in review

I spent ages trying to decide weather or not I should try fake tanning. Years actually! I’m so incredibly pale I’ve never had a tan, ever. I’m usually pretty happy with being milky white (works perfectly with my red hair), but now it’s summer and I don’t exactly feel sexy in a bikini with my fresh stretch marks. When I decided it was time for a litle tan, there was no doubt to what brand; I was only trying Xen-tan. It’s said to be the best self-tan brand there is, leaving no streaks and no orange!

In fear of becoming to dark I decided on the Transform daily self-tan, which is their only light tanner and it’s made for both body and face. But boy, there was nothing to fear! This is not for the impatient! The colour is subtle, but it looks more natural then I would have ever though. The smell is so good, very citrusy.

I’ve been using it for three days now, and my skin just looks really healthy. Being a self-tan virgin I did find it a bit hard distributing enough all over my body the first time seing as the cream is white, but luckily the difference is so subtle I can probably get away with it after a few more applications. I’ve been using it with the mitt, and have absolutely no streaking and the colour is very even.

Next time I’m definetly opting for one of the medium colour tanners, and one that gives instant colour. I would recomend this for winter, but if you want a great tan during summer I don’t think this is the tanner for you. I bet it’s perfect for a few days after using a regular tanner, to extend the tan.


You can buy their products at Selfridges, Feel Unique, Coverbrands, Xen-tan UK and Xen-tan US among others

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