Sunday, August 26, 2012

By Malene Birger Fiurella blouse

When I found this blouse online earlier this week I knew right away I had to have it. I’m just a sucker for leopard print, always have been. It might sound silly to buy regular clothes when you’re pregnant, but I’m so sick of this big belly. Besides, it will be gone in a few months. Isn’t the bag too cute? I just had to show you.



I do love a good blouse, and I’ve decided it’s the best way to start my wardrobe. I’ve grown sick of buying cheap clothes and fall apart after a short time and I hate after one season. I want to invest in a great wardrobe og staples, and only buy a few season trend items in cheaper shops to mix it up. I want a quality wardrobe I can love for years, and let’s face it, when you spend more money you usually get a better fit. I wanted to start with blouses because you can wear them loads of different ways, but you just need a few pairs of pants and a few skirts and you can wear them with thousand of blouses (not that I want thousands, but you get my drift). I also got this Zara Medallion blouse last week, a season late I know, but I love the style and I’ll wear it next spring with white jeans, and the blue with black high waist jeans.


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