Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

It’s my 24th birthday and it’s been my best birthday so far. I’ve been nothing but spoiled, I’m just so lucky I can’t believe it.

I actually started the day without going to work, because we’re moving offices and I’m too pregnant. It was really relaxing, and I got to catch up on my TV-watching and knitting. I’d gotten a big box in the mail yesterday with prezzies for the baby from my mom who just visited Scotland, as well as the YSL Touche Eclait foundation which I’ve been wanting like a crazy person ever since getting a sample a few weeks ago. It’s crazy good!

When hubs came home from work I was ready to eat cake (I always make the same chocolate cake, it’s the one my mother’s been baking for all long as I can remember), but he wanted to give me gifts first! He found a box containing my favorite cream from La Mer, which you may now was on my little wishlist. Even though it’s a practical gift, it’s something I really wanted and couldn’t really afford, so I was super happy. Not to mention it’s really expensive!

But then he went to find another present and I was like “whaaaaaa?” and found a square orange box from it’s hiding place. He’d gotten me what I’ve been wanting for so long; a silk scarf from Hermès! I was pretty much speechless. It was on my wishlist as well, but he’d already picked it up on a trip to Oslo long before I made the list! But it’s not like I haven’t been talking about my love for the french fashion house forever. Can you believe how lucky I am?

The print is called ‘Ceintures et Liens’, and I think it might be a 2012 print but I’m not sure. It’s beautiful none the less and I hope I have something so timeless I can wear it with. One day I hope to have a collection of scarves, all perfectly folded in their little orange boxes of course!





We ended the day going out for steaks (my fave!), and then I drove for the first time! I got my learners permit about a month ago, but today was the first day I could legally drive our new car and I’d been dreading it for ages. But I’ve probably been so nervous, it was actually easier then I thought! I even used the gas, but 2nd gear is for another lesson. I can’t wait until I’m a master and can get my licence!

Who would have though getting older would be this great?

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