Monday, August 27, 2012

My baby shower

I’m absolutely rubbish at taking enough photos when I should, like at my baby shower on Saturday. I had just a few friends over for cakes and games. I know it’s not kocher to throw yourself a shower, but I’m a control freak and there’s not really a history for baby showers in Norway. I didn’t expect gifts, but all the girls were too nice and my baby boy got both books and adorable clothes.

I didn’t do much of a theme, but I though blue and yellow duckies would be cute and ordered a few cake decorations of the internet a while back. I decorated these cupcakes myself, and I’m quite pleased since it was my first time doing something like this. I also made some cake pops, but no one will ever see pictures, they were that ugly!



  1. Hvor bestilte du kakedekorasjonen? Fine cupcakes!

    1. Takk! Kjøpte både her: og her:

  2. Så fine de blei! Kossen lagde du toppingen? :)


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