Sunday, August 12, 2012

My kiddy birthday party

Even though I couldn’t have a crazy party, I still had to celebrate my birthday. I always have and I bet I always will. I’ll take any excuse to have a party and eat some cake. I didn’t want a big party, so I invited just a few of my closest friends here in Bergen for a childrens party! If I’m staying sober, why not go all out and party like a kid instead? If I needed an excuse I could just pretend we were preparing for our sons future birthdays, but all of my close friends know I love silly things like this.


Balloons mark the spot! We also went a little nuts in the party supply aisle of Toys ‘R’ Us.


Hadn’t it been for the fact that I’m so fat I would have made everyone dress up as princesses too! But we did have loads of sugar with my fave soda (it’s pink!), jell-o, a big cake and of course hot dogs.



Before the party everyone had asked me what I wished for, and me not having any shame I told them all I wanted gift certificates to my favorite store in town so I could get a bracelet I’ve been lusting over for months. And wouldn’t you know I now have a stack of gift certificates to spend tomorrow! Can’t wait to pick it up and of course I will show you when I get home!

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