Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The whale

How has everyone’s week been so far? Mine hasn’t been too great, which is why I haven’t shown you the nursery yet, which is officially ready for the baby. I’ve been getting heavier and heavier each day, and of course that makes me more tired. But yesterday I just woke up feeling under the weather and really beyond tired. I even had to skip my last physical therapy appointment, because I knew I wouldn’t make it home again. How sad is that? I really wanted to go, but had to face the facts when I stood in the hall putting on my jacket and crying. At that time I’d been having contractions for hours, and really hoping I was going into labor, but NOOOOO! Disappointing every time. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks he can get out through my skin though, it sure feels like he’s trying to.

Today hasn’t been that bad physically (I even managed to clean out one of the kitchen cabinets!), but mentally I’m reaching my breaking point! Who knew pregnancy would be this tough? Not me that’s who! I’m really glad there’s only a few weeks left at the very most, but I was hoping he would come know, especially since my midwife told me on Thursday he was already closing in on four kilos! I do not want to give birth to a baby of four kilos or more! Scary thought. See how big my belly is already? Even makes my big boobs look normal size. I’m 38 weeks and 5 days today, and it pretty much feels like I’m about to fall over every time I stand up. Jealous?


I really hope I can tell you about my soon really, REALLY soon, and I’ll try to show you the nursery as soon as possible. Hopefully I’ll feel up to it this week! It’s pretty darn cute. Heading to one of my last doctors appointments tomorrow, and thank the baby Jesus for my hubs who can drive me home afterwards, because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to make that light rail/walking trip, for real!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My hospital bag

I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and then some, and could go into labour any second. Pretty scary thought, but atleast my hospital bag is finally ready. When I look at my gigantic stash now I wonder if I’ve packed too much, but I chronically forget things so I’d rather have a few things too many then go without something important. This is not just for the birth, but for my entire stay at the hospital. Atleast everything fits in my leopard River Island holdall, which is the recommended size for luggage at the hospital. Let me know if I’ve forgotten something imporant!


- Maxi pads and super soft toiletpaper (incase I hate what they have at the hospital)

- Going home clothes for me and the baby, and his wool blanket.

- Some snacks for me and hubs, for the birth.

- Energy drinks and my fave water bottle, for the birth.

- Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush + paste, cleanser + lotions, hair brush, soaps, q-tips and my mister)

- A robe, underwear and sucks for the stay (I didn’t bother with clothes, I think the shirts they have there look beyond comfortable)

- Nursing pads, both wool and disposable.

- Slippers

- All my papers with my pregnancy history, blood type etc.

- Cameras and my iPod (thinking I might want relaxing music for the birth). Will also add my dSLR which I used for taking this picture.

- Will also add glasses, my phone and my little pouch (contains hand lotion, nail clipper, lip balm etc.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Knitted baby blankets

I’ve just finished knitting my 2nd wool blanket for baby, and I’m ready to start the 3rd so I can finish before he’s born. We’re going to have a winter baby, but we haven’t bought too many wool clothes since our apartment is always hot and they have a tendency of being pretty expensive. Making three might seem a little excessive, but of course I have a reason! I started the white blanket months ago, thinking that would be it but in ended up much smaller then planned and it will probably be to small by christmas. When I decided on making another I wanted to try a thicker wool, and hubby wanted turqoise instead of baby blue so we went for that. It’s the perfect size, but since it’s so think I thought I could make one more in the same size but the same thinkness as the first, which can be used year round unlike the thick turqoise. I can’t crochet, so my mom is making the edges all nice the next time she visits.

I bought all my wool from Nøstebarn, who only sell un-treated wool. Unlike super-wash wool, this contains lanolin which is natural fat found in wool, and it kills bacteria so you barely ever have to wash it. I’ve only used merino wool, which is the only wool I can use on my sensitive skin, but they also have angora and silk wool. Each ball of yarn is around 100 NOK, and I use two for the thin blankets and four for the thick. They have stores in all major Norwegian cities, and ship all over the country. They have really nice baby clothes too, and we’re getting baby a nice, warm suit for winter.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pregnancy Update


Time flies and I’m already 37 weeks pregnant. For those of you that have never been pregnant, it means that I’m three weeks away from my due date and that he could be born any day. If he’s born now, he won’t even be premature. When hubs went offshore I was sure the baby would be born within 4 weeks, but now that’s only a week and a half away and I have a feeling he’s staying in there for longer.

But to be completly honest my body is more than ready to get him out. It’s just been a downward spiral the last month with eternal pain in my back and hips. I’m getting physical therapy which helps, but it’s not enough. My boy is getting so big and heavy, I feel like my ever growing belly is in my way no matter what I do. How am I going to survive if he gains another kilo before he wants to be born? I probably won’t even be able to walk! Today would have been my last day of work before starting my maternity leave, but I’ve been on sick leave since last week because I just couldn’t anymore. I just woke up one day and my body had had enough. I’ve told hubs if my next pregnancy is this aweful, we’re not having more then two children!

Yet my brain is not quite as ready and my body to have this baby. It’s been really nice just relaxing this past week, but it’s given me some time to stress out about the big life changes that are right around the corner. How am I really ready to have a baby? I have no experience with babies what so ever! The thing I think about most is how much my life is going to change, and I’m afraid I’ll change too much along with it. They say everyone changes when they have a baby, but I’m afraid I’ll be a whole new person, someone I wouldn’t like. What if I’m not Kaja anymore? I expect to be in a daze in the beginning, but what if I never go back to normal? It’s pretty scary to think about. I wonder today if that’s why he’s keeping put, so that I can be completly ready. For the first time hubs is actually more ready than me!

But even though I’m a bit scared and nervous, I’m not really scared about giving birth. It could be any day now, and I’m ready to get it over with! I know it will be hard and I know it will hurt, but I have no doubt it will be fine. I mean women have been giving birth since the beginning of time, and I’m not at all worried I can’t do it. I think about seeing him and touching him for the first time. I can’t wait to look into his eyes and realize that’s actually my son. I wonder every day what he will look like, and I really hope he’ll look just like his dad and have loads of red hair. His nursery is just about ready, just need to hang a few things and hopefully I can show you by next week! My hospital bag is almost ready too, I just need to get a few more things before I can blog about it.

I’m going to try to just relax and get the apartment ready for the next weeks, and hope he can come just a little bit early. My latest obsession is the tv-show ‘Castle’, but I’m almost ready with the entire series to far I need to find something new to watch. I do have a season left of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ as well, but let’s face it, that won’t last me very long! Also have some knitting to do, so my baby can have way too many wool blankets then he will ever need.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RED Valentino Lace Up Rubber Rain Boots

So the guys at my boyfriends office has this thing that when they leave to work at oil riggs they have to buy their ladies a prezzie when they get home. I don’t know if the other guys are as good at following up as my hubs, but that might be because I’m such a nag.

On my birthday he told me the Creme de la Mer he got me was suppost count for two trips, including the one he just went on, but he surprised me on the phone last week when he told me he wanted to get me these RED Valentino rain boots I’ve been wanting for ages but couldn’t afford.





They’re so cute and so pink! I’ll never get enough pink. The new rubber smells so good, and they’re really shiny. My pregnancy wardrobe is pretty sad and black, so these will really brighten things up. They’re a big snug across the foot, but I’m counting on my feet being a bit swollen. It said to order half a size bigger, which I did so they shold fit. They do in length anyway, so I think it will be fine. Especially since I’m too lazy to return them for a bigger size that might be just as snug.

I won’t even have to hope for rain so I can wear them, it’s been raining for weeks on end already. For someone that lives in lives in a city with 213 days of rain on average, I actually only had one pair of rain boots. I never even thought about having more to choose from, but I’m ready to start building a collection with all the beautiful boots from Chanel, Hunter, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry etc.

We ordered from Net-a-Porter, and I have to give them kudos for having them at my doorstep in less then 25 hours! We used the Express shipping, which promises delivery in 2-3 business days. This was my first time ordering off Net-a-Porter if you can believe it, but I already have a looong list of things I want to get myself in the future.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

MBMJ Classic Q Lil Ukita Satchel

So I ended up buying a purse anyway! I did my last piece of pre-baby shopping yesterday, and got this Marc by Marc Jacobs Lil Ukita at a great price. I am kind og against buying MBMJ bags, it seems everyone in the world has them, but it’s so simple and at 30% off I couldn’t pass it up. And now I’m beyond broke, but girl’s gotta have a purse to carry her stuff!

Besides, it not like I could walk into Prada this spring wearing my disgusting old H&M pleather bag! It’s so ugly I can’t put words on it. If you’re in Bergen and like MBMJ you should head down to my fave shop Vincci Saturday morning, they’re not carrying the brand anymore and selling selected purses at a 30% discount, such as this one. Anyone else can buy it here and here.



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Secret World of Haute Couture

I wanted to tip you guys about this BBC documentary on haute couture from 2007. I saw this when it first came out, and it really made me understand couture. Before I just thought couture was about dead expensive unwearable clothes, but this documentary really clears things up. Now haute couture is one of the loves of my life, and of course I would just die to wear Galliano for Dior (it will never be the same without him), but of course I never ever will. Enjoy and fall in love.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bag Lady

Being too big for clothes has left me alot of time to focus on handbags. I’ve always been insanely picky when it comes to handbags, and when I finally buy one I wear it until it falls apart. The list below is my ultimate handbag wishlist. As you can see, all but one are pretty classic and timeless, which I think is very important in accessories, I prefer not being sick of something after one season! I’m one of those people that feel I actually need most of these. But let’s face it, if I had the MiuMiu, LV, Chanel and either the Prada, Dior or the Hermès’, I’d have a bag for any occasion. Which means you can always justify the perfect bag as an investment!


Hermès Birkin – It’s the ultimate handbag, everyone knows! It’s gorgeous and of course I want it. I do know I probably never will, and if I had to choose just one I have no idea which colour I’d choose (it’s not like I’d ever be able to afford a black croc anyway).

Christian Dior Lady Dior – The classic Dior handbag, a new love. I’m usually too lazy to a wear a bag with such small handles and no shoulder strap, I like to atleast carry it on my arm, but for this I’d do anything. I love it in both black and the nude pink pictured. Timeless!

Miu Miu Bow Satchel – This is the only everyday bag on my list, and I’ve just recently fallen inlove with it. At this moment it’s the 2nd on my to-buy list, but I’m not sure if I’d prefer blue leather og sand suede.

Hermès Kelly – Some days I prefer this over the Birkin. It’s so timeless, and am a sucker for shoulder straps.

Chanel Classic Flap – I think every fashion lover wants this, and the ones that already have it want more! It’s gorgeous in all colours and sizes, but I want the classic one in black, gold hardware I think. I need this, and I hope I will be able to buy it before a decade passes. The large flap back is a good 2nd.

Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 – Not exactly a handbag, but everyone needs good luggage! It’s classic and simple, and I REALLY want it. I’m leaning towards the 50 size

Prada Saffiano Lux – Now this is the first handbag on my to-buy list, and I’ve already started saving money so I can buy it this spring. It was love at first sight with this pink leather, and of course I’ll get the version with a shoulder strap! Not only is it gorgeous and will look amazing with just about anything, but I can use it for years and years to come and it will never go out of style! How is that not a good investment?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beauty rebuys

I love reading a good review as much as anyone else, but what tells me so much more about a product is if a blogger actually rebuys them. Over the years I’ve tried loads of products, but I’ve only rebought very few of them.



- La Prairie Purifying Cream Cleanser: I love the feeling of this, so luxurius, but I don’t know if this is my HG cleanser yet. But it does leave my skin very healthy, no zits or break-outs for my sensitive skin. Smells super good too!

- Chanel Démaquillant Yeux Intense: The most amazing eye and lip make-up remover on earth. I use about three bottles a year, I’ll never change!

- Creme de La Mer: Need I say more? It’s simply amazing, and worth every penny.

- Chanel Precision Hydramax + Active: This has by coincidence become my go-to moisturizer when I can’t afford La Mer. I love the smell, and it doesn’t give me any break-outs. Also love that it comes in three versions (dry, normal and oily).

- La Mer The Eye Concentrate: This is like medicine for the skin and is worth it’s weight in gold, I scrape up the cash for this no matter how poor I am, I can’t live without it. Fixes sore eyes in a few days. I got this after a few weeks into my make-up artist studies, when my eyes were red and so sore I could barely wear mascara, and it’s never been a problem since.

- Blistex MedPLUS: The only lip balm, I can and will ever use. Super cheap and I always have pots all over the place so I never run out.

- Clens 100: These eye drops are a contact lens wearers best friend. My eyes always get super dry, and these help me get through the day. Been using it for years and I’ve never found any better.



- La Roche-Posay Lipikar Xerand: My go-to hand cream and I have tubes in every purse and all over the apartment. Cheap and effective!

- Vichy Capital Soleil After Sun Cellular SOS Repair Balm: Amazing after sun that’s made for burnt skin. Heals burns much faster then regular after sun, and gives and amazing cool sensation. Smells good to, and a tube goes a long way.

- Kiehl’s Creme de Corps: Best body lotion in the world! Dries quickly, smells good but not too much and leaves my body so supple and soft. Not too pricey either.

- MD Formulations Face and Body Scrub: Best scrub I’ve ever tried, and I feel no need to try anyone else. My skin has never been more beautiful. The bottle lasts really long and I love that you only need one for your entire body.

- ACO Mykgjørende Fotkrem: I haven’t tried that many foot creams, but I really like this. The price is good, and it leaves my feel soft. It’s minty and cools tired feet as well.

- La Roche-Possay Antihelios: LRP makes the most effective sun block, even though it can be a bit greasy. I’ve never burnt with it though, and I like all the different versions, just not the baby version (smells like baby vomit).



- Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Conditioner: I’ve been using this for years and I’ll probably never stop. It just makes my hair so soft and healthy, not to mention it’s super cheap. It’s been off the norwegian marked for years, so I always pick up a years supply when I’m abroad. I would still buy this if it was ten times the price.

- Chanel Le Vernis: My favorite polishes, and ‘Black Satin’ and ‘Barcelona Red’ are the only polishes I’ve ever rebought. Chanel always gets shades just perfect. A bit expensive, but who cares!

- NARS Blush in ‘Orgasm’: Not a rebuy in the typical sence, but I’ve bought more before actually running out. I will without a doubt rebuy it forever, as it is the most universally flattering shade EVER!

- L’Oreal Elnett Satin: The classic hair spray. Enough hold for every-day use, and I love that it brushes out so I don’t have to wash my hair every day.

- CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume: My go-to drug store mascara. Cheap and gives amazing volume without ugly clumps. Love it!

- Seche Vite Dry-Fast Top Coat: Dries nail polish like cement in just 30 minutes! It only holds a few days without chipping, but it’s a life saver for someone like me that doesn’t have time to wait for polish to harden.

- Sephora Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil: Definetly not the best cuticle treatment in the world, but definetly the most handy one. Keep this in my purse at all times. Because of the lavender it can also be nice when applied on sore cuticles. Unfortunately I think it’s just been discontinued.

- YSL Touche Éclat: Not my favorite concealer (it does nothing for my dark circles), but I keep rebuying it for it’s practicality, and that it comes in a shade light enough. Always smart to have one in your purse.

- Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill: My all time favorite mascara! Gives me the most beautiful lashes, the only problem is that it can be difficult to get your hands on. The heavy tube makes it feel even more decadent.


Over the last few years I’ve found a few more products I’m 99% sure I will rebuy, but haven’t finished the original product yet. Like Guerlain Météorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer, Xen-Tan and Bioderma Créaline H2O Cleansing Solution. If I ever run out of my powder make-up products there is a huge chance I will rebuy the ones I already use, but I think you know how long it takes to finish eyeshadows and blushes!

Please do tell me about your favorite rebuys, I still enjoy trying out an amazing product. That will never change!

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