Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Knitted baby blankets

I’ve just finished knitting my 2nd wool blanket for baby, and I’m ready to start the 3rd so I can finish before he’s born. We’re going to have a winter baby, but we haven’t bought too many wool clothes since our apartment is always hot and they have a tendency of being pretty expensive. Making three might seem a little excessive, but of course I have a reason! I started the white blanket months ago, thinking that would be it but in ended up much smaller then planned and it will probably be to small by christmas. When I decided on making another I wanted to try a thicker wool, and hubby wanted turqoise instead of baby blue so we went for that. It’s the perfect size, but since it’s so think I thought I could make one more in the same size but the same thinkness as the first, which can be used year round unlike the thick turqoise. I can’t crochet, so my mom is making the edges all nice the next time she visits.

I bought all my wool from Nøstebarn, who only sell un-treated wool. Unlike super-wash wool, this contains lanolin which is natural fat found in wool, and it kills bacteria so you barely ever have to wash it. I’ve only used merino wool, which is the only wool I can use on my sensitive skin, but they also have angora and silk wool. Each ball of yarn is around 100 NOK, and I use two for the thin blankets and four for the thick. They have stores in all major Norwegian cities, and ship all over the country. They have really nice baby clothes too, and we’re getting baby a nice, warm suit for winter.



  1. Vi brukte ikke så mye varme ullklær det første halvåret da snuppa mi lå i voksipose når vi var ute og trillet. Født på vinteren hun også. Smart å ta med klesskift når dere er ute og farter forresten!

  2. Vi har ikke voksiposen da, vi har brio sin som er mye tynnere men burde holde i massevis på vestlandet. så tror vi trenger litt ull i den når det kryper under null og hvis vi skal ut på østlandet og sånn. og så er jeg elsker av å bruke tynn ull, det blir jo ikke skikkelig varmt hvis ikke jeg fryser, har allerede begynt å bruke det i høst.


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