Thursday, September 6, 2012

MBMJ Classic Q Lil Ukita Satchel

So I ended up buying a purse anyway! I did my last piece of pre-baby shopping yesterday, and got this Marc by Marc Jacobs Lil Ukita at a great price. I am kind og against buying MBMJ bags, it seems everyone in the world has them, but it’s so simple and at 30% off I couldn’t pass it up. And now I’m beyond broke, but girl’s gotta have a purse to carry her stuff!

Besides, it not like I could walk into Prada this spring wearing my disgusting old H&M pleather bag! It’s so ugly I can’t put words on it. If you’re in Bergen and like MBMJ you should head down to my fave shop Vincci Saturday morning, they’re not carrying the brand anymore and selling selected purses at a 30% discount, such as this one. Anyone else can buy it here and here.



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