Saturday, September 22, 2012

My hospital bag

I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and then some, and could go into labour any second. Pretty scary thought, but atleast my hospital bag is finally ready. When I look at my gigantic stash now I wonder if I’ve packed too much, but I chronically forget things so I’d rather have a few things too many then go without something important. This is not just for the birth, but for my entire stay at the hospital. Atleast everything fits in my leopard River Island holdall, which is the recommended size for luggage at the hospital. Let me know if I’ve forgotten something imporant!


- Maxi pads and super soft toiletpaper (incase I hate what they have at the hospital)

- Going home clothes for me and the baby, and his wool blanket.

- Some snacks for me and hubs, for the birth.

- Energy drinks and my fave water bottle, for the birth.

- Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush + paste, cleanser + lotions, hair brush, soaps, q-tips and my mister)

- A robe, underwear and sucks for the stay (I didn’t bother with clothes, I think the shirts they have there look beyond comfortable)

- Nursing pads, both wool and disposable.

- Slippers

- All my papers with my pregnancy history, blood type etc.

- Cameras and my iPod (thinking I might want relaxing music for the birth). Will also add my dSLR which I used for taking this picture.

- Will also add glasses, my phone and my little pouch (contains hand lotion, nail clipper, lip balm etc.)

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  1. Anbefaler å ta med sjokolade! ;) Godt å ha hvis det tar lang tid.. Masse lykke til!


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