Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It’s Edward’s first halloween! It’s so special to see him in his little costume, but to be honest I don’t really have that fun halloween spirit this year. It’s the first time in about 10 years I’m not celebrating or dressing up, but I’m not too sad seeing as I have my little monkey man instead. Worth it! I wanted to make the day special for me and hubs anyway, but it seems this day is just ending with us super tired and the baby crying instead of snuggling up on the sofa with a scary movie and loads of candy. Yeah, that’s life nowadays!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten precious days

It’s pretty hard for me to believe my little baby boy is TEN days already! He still feels so new, but at the same time it’s like he’s been part of our little family forever. It’s kind of like he’s finally made us a real family, but it’s still very hard for us to believe he’s ours forever.

These first days have been harder then I thought they would be, getting to know him is difficult! The biggest problem has been that I simply don’t have enough milk for him, so he’s been getting a bit of formula on the side so he gets enough food. Kind of feels like a let down, I so wanted to only breastfeed, but I have to realize I probably won’t produce any more if I haven’t by now no matter how hard I try. But I have to put my pride aside, his health is more important! He doesn’t like falling asleep after nightly feedings, during the day however he sleeps like a rock. But I guess we’ll find our way over the next weeks so I don’t have to stay up for ours during the night just to rock him.

Hubs got me this beautiful white gold necklace yesterday, as a push presant. Isn’t it adorable? It’s actually a children’s necklace, but I think I can pull it off! It’s engraved with the letter E, but so discreetly you have to get upclose to tell. I love it so much and I won’t take it off!


Friday, October 19, 2012


On Monday October 15th, at 17.12 our beautiful son Edward James was finally born.

It was a long and straining birth, but he came out perfect and healthy, and I’m holding up surprisingly well too. He’s very calm and so alert when he’s awake. We came home from the hospital last night, and so far everything has been pretty good.

Don’t know when I’ll have time to blog some more, this baby thing is pretty hard work! I might post some pictures in a while, but for now I’m not ready to share his beautiful face. It’s pretty hard to believe he’s our family now, and that we’re keeping him forever. Sounds crazy? I can feel that he’s mine though, and I love and adore him with all my heart already.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aging Gracefully

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this picture of Linda Evangelista from the Chanel’s Fine Jewelry event. How is this woman 47?! She looks AMAZING! Sometimes I fear what I’ll look like in 20 years, but she gives me so much hope. To be honest, I think she looks better than so many young women today. Including me! I’m definetly aiming to look as good as her when I’m that age, no matter what the cost! Botox 4-ever.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Nursery

After months of preparation the nursery has finally been ready for a few weeks now. I’ve even put sheets on the bed, so everything can be beyond ready for the baby. Shame he isn’t here yet (it was my due date yesterday and I’m beyond sick of waiting)! It’s not a very big room, but we managed to squeeze everything in there, and the last people living here actually took out the door! So it’s just an arch right now, but it’s not like a baby needs privacy anyways.

As you might notice, I’m quite new to editing photos so colours may vary from photo to photo. I just want it to look good for you guys! Hopefully I’ll get better very soon!

Most of the furniture is from IKEA, like the bed and changing table which are both called Gulliver. The dresser I got from my grandmother, and most of the teddy bears were mine when I was a child. The ocean critters art I got from Sea Urchin Studio, and the whale tissue holder is from Sparkly Pony (both via Etsy). Most other things are from Barnas Hus (norwegian Babies R Us), or atleast via their stores.







As you can see there are still a few things missing. We need to get some curtains made, and I want some more pictures on the wall. I’ve been looking for the perfect ABC-poster to put above the changing table, because as you know, knowledge is power! Unfortunately we don’t have enough room is the apartment for his stroller anywhere else, so most of the time his little room will look like this:


All in all I’m quite pleased with the room. It’s the first time I’ve gone in to decorate a room at once, and it’s the only room we’ve bothered to paint (from a hideous yellow, to a beautiful, cold mint green). I do wish it were bigger so I could put a big, comfy chair in there to nurse my little son, but we’ll make do! What do you guys think?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fashion Week Favorites

The latest fashion week season is finally over! I try to keep up with the latest fashions, but I find it quite hard looking through every line, so I mostly just keep up with the designers I like and are inspired by. I do pay a little closer attention during Paris FW of course, but to be honest I found it a bit disappointing. I’m a HUGE fan of Dior, but I think it’s just gone downhill since Galliano, but I could rant on that for ages. I think some designers forgot they were doing spring lines though, and I can’t say I found alot of trends I like. But of course I found some great pieces, and here are some of my favorites.


Alice + Olivia – I’m a pretty new fan of the designer, but after reading Lindsey Kelk I had to check it out, and fell in love right away. So far I prefer the spring lines though, I'm weak for beautiful colours. I liked the overall feel of the SS line, but I also found a few pieces I would looooooooove to buy when they hit stores next year. Like those jackets (above)! Gorgeous and cute, and what’s important to me is that they won’t go out of style for next spring.


Elie Saab – One of my favorite designers, and he hasn’t disappointed me in years! I’m so crazy for his glitzy dresses, and I love how he designs clothes that will suit curvy women as well.


Temperley London – Sometimes I like her clothes, sometimes I don’t. This is not my favorite line of hers, but it had a great summer feel with beautiful patterns and silhouettes. Would LOVE to have the first dress pictured, but we all know I could never afford it. Oh well!

valentin yudashkin_

Valentin Yudashkin – This is the only line I’ve ever seen from this designer, but at first sight I was quite impressed. Beautiful, feminine pieces and I do love white for summer! The last dress reminds me very much of Ungaro, and the colour combination is just to die for. I would love to wear the pussy bow blouse in the 2nd look (perfection!) as well as the fur jacket which I think is just FUN!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sale at HQ Hair

HQ Hair just started their autumn sale and I decided to pick up a few items to take care of my drying hair. Treat myself! But hey, hair is pretty imporant! Every year I forget how dry my hair gets as it gets colder outside, so I never manage to stock up on hair care items during the summer. I’ve used all of these before, and I especially adore the Kerastase hair masks, they’re both beyond amazing. You get 15% off all Kerastase right now, and you can get some products at about half the price of norwegian salons. Now my hair will be beautiful all winter long!


Matrix Biolage Fortifying Leave-In Treatment, Kerastase Nutritive Masqueintense Cheveux Epais (moisture mask for thick hair) and Kerastase Masque Force Architecte

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Todays outfit (in my dream world)

It was love at first sight when I saw this Equipment blouse yesterday, so much I had to put together a little outfit with it. I’m trying to figure out if there’s any way I can afford it before christmas, it’s just so pretty! And it would be perfect for christmas, and I do need a second christmas outfit (we’re celebrating both norwegian and english christmas this year). Please remember that in this dream world I’m not pregnant, it’s not cold and wet outside and I’m dead rich.


Equipment Sophie washed-silk shirt / Tiffany & Co Daisy Key Pendant / Zara Satin & Pearls Box Bag / Gucci Crystal-embellished Suede Sandals / J Brand Sasha High Rise Stretch Skinny Jeans

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anna Dello Russo at H&M

So tomorrow is finally the launch of H&M’s latest collaboration, this time an accessory collection with Anna Dello Russo, editor-in-chief at Vogue Nippon. I found a few pieces I liked right away, but I still can’t decide if I should get them or not. I think they look very good in pictures, but doesn’t it always at H&M? I do more or less HATE H&M. The quality of their clothes is just too low, and I want to throw up when I have to throw away an item after wearing it three times. And this collection is above their regular prices, but to be honest I don’t think the latest designer collaborations have been worth the price. I’ve been looking at the necklace in the picture below, and the matching bracelet. I really should check it out before I buy, but I’m too fat to drag my ass down to the shop when they open tomorrow morning. I guess I’ll have to sleep on it. Anyone planning on buying something? Knowing myself I probably won’t end up with anything.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Instagram September

I can’t say I’ve made that much of a contribution to Instagram this month. Mostly because I’ve been super tired, but to be honest, not that much has been going on in my life. Just waiting, waiting, waiting. I have been kind of obsessed with Instagram though, checking for new pictures a few too many times per day. I do love following my favorite fashion bloggers on their fashion week quests!






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