Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Nursery

After months of preparation the nursery has finally been ready for a few weeks now. I’ve even put sheets on the bed, so everything can be beyond ready for the baby. Shame he isn’t here yet (it was my due date yesterday and I’m beyond sick of waiting)! It’s not a very big room, but we managed to squeeze everything in there, and the last people living here actually took out the door! So it’s just an arch right now, but it’s not like a baby needs privacy anyways.

As you might notice, I’m quite new to editing photos so colours may vary from photo to photo. I just want it to look good for you guys! Hopefully I’ll get better very soon!

Most of the furniture is from IKEA, like the bed and changing table which are both called Gulliver. The dresser I got from my grandmother, and most of the teddy bears were mine when I was a child. The ocean critters art I got from Sea Urchin Studio, and the whale tissue holder is from Sparkly Pony (both via Etsy). Most other things are from Barnas Hus (norwegian Babies R Us), or atleast via their stores.







As you can see there are still a few things missing. We need to get some curtains made, and I want some more pictures on the wall. I’ve been looking for the perfect ABC-poster to put above the changing table, because as you know, knowledge is power! Unfortunately we don’t have enough room is the apartment for his stroller anywhere else, so most of the time his little room will look like this:


All in all I’m quite pleased with the room. It’s the first time I’ve gone in to decorate a room at once, and it’s the only room we’ve bothered to paint (from a hideous yellow, to a beautiful, cold mint green). I do wish it were bigger so I could put a big, comfy chair in there to nurse my little son, but we’ll make do! What do you guys think?


  1. Kjempesøtt og koseligt rom Kaja. Mangle bare den lille gutten nå :)

  2. Veldig koselig! Kjempefin farge på veggene.
    Vi har bare en liten krok til jenten vår på rommet vårt. Eget rom får hun ikke før vi får innlemmet 2- og 3-etasje i leiligheten vår. Blir nok litt av en jobb. Men etterhvert kommer det sikkert enda en baby jeg kan få innrede babyrom til.

  3. Elsker at nebbdyret Perry sitter i vinduskarmen!

  4. Veldig fint! Lige så godt dei bildene på veggen og tissue-holderen. Nå må han komma snart!:)


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