Friday, November 16, 2012

Back to reality

Yesterday, on the 15th of November, baby Edward turned one month old, and I finally joined the world again. It was a happy coincidence that the premiere of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 was one minute to midnight (I’m a total Twi-hard!), and when my BFF Martha joined in as well I decided it was time to be just Kaja, not a mommy, and that we should get cocktails before the movie. If you’ve never been pregnant you may think I’m an alcoholic for missing cocktails, but there have been times I was ready to kill for a tasty drink, and I think most new mommies know the feeling.

Having felt super ugly lately, I decided to really make an effort and I did my roots and nails, took time to do my make-up and wore the By Malene Birger blue leopard shirt I got in August. I gotta tell you, after some adult time and a delicious blue cocktail I felt great, and even hot, which I haven’t really since I got pregnant.

However, it didn’t take long before I started missing my little man back home, and when the movie started I was ready to leave I missed him so much! Didn't help that his name was plastered across the screen (it was then and there it actually hit me that he actually has the same name as the main character, not just that they both are named Edward. Sounds crazy right?) and that the first time you see Reneesme she’s about the same size as Edward is now. But I made it through and the memory days previous crankiness was long gone!


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