Friday, November 23, 2012

Body Issues (you know, those saggy bits)

It’s been over a month since Edward was born, and we all know that means it’s time to start doing something about my body. I’ve been overweight almost my entire life, but I’ve had a few periods in my life where I’ve had a close to normal body which I’ve (atleast in hindsight) been satisfied with. But right now my body is at it’s all time low.

My body was close to perfect when I was 19 and has just moved away from home. Two years later I started hormone medication, which added quite a few pounds over the next year and a half. Add getting pregnant, and now I pretty much hate my body. Today I weighed 83,4 kilos, which is ALLOT for someone of only 157cm. Even though I didn’t gain much weight from fat during my pregnancy, it’s definetly taken it’s toll on my body. My tits are saggier than ever, as is my deflated tummy, and my thighes and arms are way too fat. I’m actually so fat I can’t wear clothes from certain stores, and 95% of my old clothes don’t fit anymore (I only have leggings, hubbys sweatpants, t-shirts, cardigans and one blouse that fit).

So it’s finally time to get back into shape. I have NO excuse anymore. I was about to start working out when I became pregnant, but my first trimester was a nightmare and there was no way that could happend. So as long as I get the OK from my doctor next week I can start working out next Saturday with cardio once a week before christmas. After new year, when I can afford it, I’m planning on going to the gym three times a week for cardio and weights, as well as continuing to go for daily walks with the baby. I’m also breast feeding, which is basically a mini-lipo, haha! I also want to treat myself to some new gym clothes as motivation. It’s easy to forget how important it is to feel good and sexy, even if you’re at the gym!

It’s time to stop hating my body, and hopefully I’ll get results I like without plastic or cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately I have so many stretch marks, there is a possibility the skin on my stomach won’t go back and I’ll end up with a tummy tuck. I already plan on having my breasts fixed, but that’s a few years down the road. I hope to be down to 70 kilo by summer, so I can buy some sexy jeans when I visit London!

My biggest obstacle is still food and sweets. Sometimes I find myself thinking about cookes and candy for ages, and it’s insanely difficult to stop myself from popping into the shop and pick up something sweet and of course a can of Coke (my biggest weakness!). I’m also trying to eat more vegetables, not just for my looks but also for my health. I’ve been really good this week, and only broken down and bought delicious fatty cookies once! Of course I’ll never cut it out completly, but I’ll survive with only allowing it on weekends. I don’t want it to just be another diet, because they always end and then you regain all the weight. It’s lifestyle changes that work in the long haul!

I’m not just doing it for myself anymore, I’m also doing it for my darling Edward. I’m scared shitless he’ll be overweight like I was, and that he’ll get bullied like I was. I don’t want him to be fat and hate himself, but I also want him to be a healthy little boy.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I need company on this journey. Maybe I should check in once a month or something, tell you how it’s coming along? As you already know I want to be 70 kilos by July (I’ll live with 10 kilos lost though), but my goal is to be 60 kilos by the time I get married. The problem is I don’t know when that is yet, so why don’t we just say by summer 2014?



  1. D e bra holdning og start!! D blir nok hardt i starten, og når du isje ser någen framgang de fyste månedene, men isje je opp! Definitivt del me åkke kossen d går! Eg drive og prøve å løba sjøl, men isje pga vekta, men mer fø helsa sian ryggen min e ganske vond. Og eg pleide å klara 1-2 gonge i ugå i 3-4 mnd. He slutta litt nå fødi d e stress på skulen osv. Men ska bjunna i jgne. I starten va d kjempevanskelig!! Men ittekvært går d bære! Hvis d e tredemølle du ska løpa på då e d viktig å starta slow. Varm opp i 2-5 min gåing, også jobb i 5-10 min :) Lykke t!

    1. du må ikkje løpa vis du he vondt i ryggen, d jer støt på ryggraden! du må helle jør styrke, sit-ups å sånn å trena dei opp litt. og ha sko me sinnsykt go demping.

      EG ska aldri jogga, he for store puppa. kaja don't run vet du haha

  2. Har tenkt på dette i mer enn et halvt år nå, og har sagt til meg selv at når jeg reiser til Spania i desember så blir det kun bra mat, og en gåtur hver dag. Og så må jeg fortsette når jeg er tilbake i Norge i januar! Merker veldig godt hvor mye jeg har lagt på meg de siste 4-5 årene, i tillegg til at jeg alltid har vært litt overvektig. Verste er at det går utover humøret mitt, og jeg blir så fort sliten og lei. Og det gidder jeg ikke mer! Har samlet linker til oppskrifter og treningsmetoder lenge nå, men man må liksom bare klare å få motivasjon! Er det som er verst egentlig. (Og masse lykke til, skal heie på deg hele veien!)


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