Thursday, December 27, 2012

My christmas

I’m still alive! I thought I would have time to blog after our English christmas celebration in Sandefjord on Tuesday, but I was so knackered it made me angry (I have the shortest temper when I get tired!), and it took me a full day to recover from the two christmases. I loved the food, but unfortunately I didn’t get to experience the English christmas as much as I would like because Edward was so hungry all the time and I had to retire to feed him. I did get to take some part in opening presents, and I had fun opening Edwards vast amounts of gifts. Who knew a baby could need so many toys? He’s everyone’s first grandchild and great grandchild, and he was definetly spoiled rotten by their generosity. I got some fabulous prezzies too, including some amazing Nike sneakers from my mom (can’t wait to really try them out at the gym!) and UGGs from hubs which I’ve been wanting for years but never treated myself to.


These are probably a little more than half the prezzies he got. I didn’t include the clothes he got, and he has still to recieve from both my parents. Could he be more lucky? He can’t really play with most of these yet, but I’m sure he will within a few months. But I do love that we hardly have to buy him any toys before his first birthday! He barely needs clothes until he’s six months either because I’ve been telling people to buy big sizes. Very clever!


I got to wear my new silk shirt from Equipment which I had been lusting over for months! Too bad it makes me look fat, but we’ll change that as soon as I can go back to working out when we get home to Bergen. I bought the Hollywood fashion tape a few weeks before christmas, and it was definetly a god send! I always get that gap between buttons, but the tape took care of it super descreetly.


Last but not least the only picture I took of Edward on christmas eve. I already regret not taking more pictures because I’m afraid I’ll forget everything and especially his first christmas (last christmas all I could think about was wanting a baby for this christmas). I always forget to take pictures in everyday situations, which are the ones that are the most special in hindsight. I try to get hubs to do it, but he forgets it as well. Hopefully family members have more pictures, and hopefully I’ll never forget how happy he was this first christmas, and how happy everyone were to see him!

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  1. Hei ^_^ Ville bare si ifra om at jeg har linket til bloggen til på min blogg. Er litt ny i blogguniverset, bare tenkte det var grei bloggetikette å si ifra :P (men det er vel sjelden noen blir sur for slikt)


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