Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day Zero

This is my day zero. The last day of my old life, tomorrow everything changes. I don’t want to call these new years resolutions, because those are always broken. And it is somewhat of a coincidence that it starts now, because it would be difficult during our holiday roadtrip.

Point it, it’s time to shed some weight and become a healthier, happier me. I’ve gained so much weight these past few years, and if you’re a follower you know how much I hate the way my body has ended up. But I haven’t given up! Lots of changes coming my way, and hubs has to follow too so we can support eachother and both become better people.

Here’s what’s going to change:

- I’m going to work out atleast 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) as well as keep walking with Edward every day.

- Eat less sugar, carbs and dairy.

- Eat more vegetables and other healthy foods.

- Candy is only allowed once a week.

Looking at these four lines it seems like so little, but I know these will be very big changes for me. I have a sweet tooth like crazy, and I haven’t gone to the gym regularly in years. Which is why it’s time! I don’t think I’ve ever been this motivated to change, and I must admit I’m very excited! I’m going to weigh myself before going to the gym on Saturday, and possibly do some measurements to keep track of my (hopeful) progress. I want to be back at around 60 kilos, and the body I had when I was 19. Or atleast as close to that body as possible, I have had a baby after all! If I can look like this again, I will be very happy!


Luckly I also have some amazing new running shoes from Nike (from my mom for christmas) to keep me motivated, and I’m picking up some new leggings as well. I always dress to the occasion, and it makes me feel better!

Is anyone else going for a healthier lifestyle this year? Tell me how you’re doing it and what keeps you motivated! I’ve been wanting to try out Nike+ as I’ve heard it’s really motivational, but I don’t have any devices to use it with yet. I don’t want to use the mirror as referance, it’s too easy to just see your old self! I guess weight will do for now, and hopefully old clothes will fit better.

To anyone else doing this; GOOD LUCK! We’re going to need it.


  1. Rooting for you! I try to eat a lot of avocodo, I read (but you never know..) that all veggies that are green is the best for your body. And I always drink green tea when I start craving sugar :) As for exercise, I always lose my motivation when I work out alone, so I need to go take Zumba and all the other classes at the gym :P Only way I can get a full hour of exercise :P

    Good luck ^^

  2. Jeg er med! 10 kilo (helst mer) i 2013. Jeg skal også trene, ellers skal jeg drikke mer vann masse mer vann. Og som mellom måltid bare grønnsaker. Får håpe det går. :P

  3. masse lykke til! har fått anbefalt å sette små delmål for å holde motivasjonen oppe, så nå anbefaler jeg det videre til deg! masse trenings og matinspirasjon på


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