Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hectic week

So sorry for the complete lack of blogging this week you guys, this week has been a big mess at our house. I’ve spent most of the week all alone with Edward and he has really been taking up all of my time. This is the first time I’ve been alone with him during the night, and it’s been really straining. I have so much respect for single parents it’s insane! I have no idea how it’s possible to survive this way. I was so relived when hubs finally returned from a work trip late Thursday night, and excited to finally get some help with Edward again, but it seems he’s gotten pretty addicted to me in just a few days. Most of the time he wants to be glued to my body! To make it worse hubs left again this morning, and we only get three days together next week. I do have my new bronzer to keep me company when Edward is asleep, a travel gift from hubs (a tradition for us when one travels without the other), the DiorSkin Nude Tan bronzer which comes in the most amazing compact with a little kabuki as well. I adore the design, and of course it will look perfect in my future Lady Dior handbag! But first I’m excited for it to become spring so I can wear this baby! I’ve also been planning this summers trip to London, and I’ve found so many places I want to eat! No way we can visit all of them in such few days.


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