Thursday, February 28, 2013

Instagrams of February

February is one of those months that just disappear into the year. It was all about workouts and Edward for me. And a little bit of food, as you can see, especially since Edward has started eating food! Ending the month on a pink note, ready for spring!







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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My wedding china

This weekend, when my mom came to visit, we got our first pieces from our wedding china! No I haven’t gotten engaged in secrecy, but I did decide on the china we want a while back, for when that time comes. I had already found a design I liked, but when I saw this it was love at first sight. It’s called Lace Platinum (comes in gold as well) by Vera Wang for Wedgewood. We only have four dinner plates now, but I can’t wait to have enough to invite guests for dinner! Need some Waterford wineglasses too!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weighing in, week 8

I got my act together this week, no sweets (during the week) or snacking and I was down 600 grams this week which I think is pretty good. If this keeps up I’ll be under 80 kilos next week, let’s cross our fingers! Only managed 3 trips to the gym though, lots going on this week but I did do both cardio and weights twice.

Tuesday: Hubs gave the the best gift ever that day, taking care of Edward so I could workout worry-free! Did a full 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical before doing legs and core. After I could barely do my last reps my legs were so tired! Felt amazing though.

Thursday: Had time for 35 minutes on the elliptical and of course I took advantage of that! Followed by arms and squats (need to get that big ass! haha).

Saturday: Only had time for weights, and I’d forgotten how much less satisfying it is to not add cardio. Did my full program though, and went up to 12 bench presses so I can go up a kilo in a little while.

Sunday: Is family day, you know this my now. We went for a little walk out in the cold, but I can’t say we did as good a job as we usually do. I blame it on the ice on the ground, too dangerous with a pram.

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Brought my pink Nike action this week!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weighing in, week 7

I’ve been bad in the food department this week. And I got my punishment this morning when I found out I’d lost NOTHING this week. Same sad number on the scale as last week. Thank god I didn’t gain anything! That’s what I get for snacking between meals, and cutting down on protein. And those darn ‘Eat Natural’ bars! They’re sooooo delicious, but we all know they’re not as healthy as they look! No more! And let’s not talk about that heinous valentine’s day… Atleast I had some good workouts, can’t wait to do even better next week.

Tuesday: Did my usual weight program, and added bodyweight squats as well! I need my big but back, and we all know nothing works as well as squats! I’ve also added 10 extra kilos on leg presses, and one extra kilo on dumbbell bench presses!

Wednesday: Cardio on the elliptical once again! 35 awesome minutes, was about to die by the end.

Friday: Weights once again, which is definetly becoming my favorite way to work out. Did the full program, squats and all!

Saturday: Was planning on just doing cardio, so I started with 40 minutes on the elliptical, but by then I was so in the zone I wanted to do weights as well! Did legs afterwards (could barely finish I was so tired!) and just a little bit of arms before I had to go. Loving working out on Saturdays when I can leave Edward at home with hubs and just work as long as I want!

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I finally got some new workout clothes this week, from my favorite brand Nike! I usually dress in Nike from head to toe, haha. Got the yellow shirt in pink as well.

I post all my workouts on Fitocracy, so if you want to keep up check me out!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weighing in, week 6

I did not get the best start at the gym this week, and it showed on the scale this morning. I didn’t manage to drag myself to the gym until Wednesday. I had only lost 400 grams this week, it’s not a huge number but it’s progress. If I think about it as ‘almost half a kilo’ it makes me feel much better! If I keep this up every week I will definetly reach my target weight long before my deadline!

I decided to put my running program on hold for a while, until the weather improves. Will all the snow and ice right now, I have to do it at the gym, and I already go there four times a week. I don’t think it’s super healthy to have Edward in the daycare every single day. But don’t worry, I still do cardio!


Wednesday: Weights that day. Leg presses, this step up body weight thing (for legs), dumbbell bench presses, lat pulldown and the always lovely plank. This is what I usually do when I do weights.

Thursday: Met my personal trainer for the 2nd time, and we talked about my regular routine and if my excecution was correct. She also taught me the perfect squat (which is the best for your but)!

Friday: Was going to get up early and do both cardio and weights, but Edward kept me up all night and in the end I didn’t get to the gym until later than usual and only ended up with 23 minutes on the elliptical. Not much time, but quite pleased with my effort (and amount of sweat!).

Saturday: Did 30 harsh minutes on the elliptical before legs. Was planning on doing full body, but there were a surprising amount of huge guys at the gym so I decided to just do leg presses, the step up and plank before I headed home. Did however add 10 extra kilos to the leg press and killed it!

Sunday: Sunday is family day, and we went for a nice (cold) walk on Fløien after the sun went down. Not our usual route, which was nice.


Inspirational pictures from my favourite IG fitspo tonedtannedandfit

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy mother’s day!

Having finally joined the ranks of mothers everywhere, today is officially my first mother’s day! In Norway that is. Edward got me some lovely roses yesterday (so they wouldn’t die before I got them) and this morning there was a big box waiting for my unwrapping. I quickly learned the box was from Luisa Via Roma, and I knew right then it was the Marc By Marc Jacobs bracelet I wanted. I’m such a lucky girl!

Now I’m paying it forward and sending love to all the other mothers out there. It’s a tough job, and we diserve being spoiled today!










Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weighing in, week 5

I did get in quite a few workouts this week, so I’m pretty satisfied about that. Four whole trips to the gym, and I only had one day without any excercise. This morning I was down to 81.5kg, so I’d lost 800 grams this week which I think is pretty good! If I can keep this up I’ll reach my summer goal, and not to mention my target weight in no time!

I also decided to give up my plans of finishing the 2nd week of the running program as well as the 3rd, and decided to just finish week 2 and fall one week behind instead (better than quitting, right?).

Monday: No gym today since I had to take Edward for a check-up at the doctor, so we got a 5km walk instead (in the pouring rain, so I wasn’t very pleased).

Tuesday: Walking fast and then running intervals on the treadmill. So hard!

Wednesday: Did weights, it’s tough but I’m starting to really like it. Didn’t have time for the plank though, which is in my program.

Thursday: 30 intense minutes of intervals on the elliptical, love getting sweaty like that! I follow my PTs advice and work myself to about 85-90% of my maximun heart rate on the toughest parts.

Friday: Very unsatisfying trip to the gym. Had gotten up early so I could fit in some cardio before weights, but got there at my usual time anyway. Had to skip my usual leg presses because some people like to hang out on the machine instead of letting other people use them. Pretty sure you’re not suppost to wait 5 minutes between sets!

Saturday: NOTHING! Went to watch Les Mis and then went out with my BFF instead.

Sunday: Sunday is family hike day, and we went for a nice (ans steep) uphill walk in the snow. Didn’t walk very far, but because it’s all up we got a little bit of a workout.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Instagrams of January

I’ve really been cheating on the blog with Instagram this month, as you can probably tell from this massive amount of photos. Ended up with lots of workout pictures, which I suppose is pretty normal for January haha. Enjoy!













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