Monday, February 11, 2013

Weighing in, week 6

I did not get the best start at the gym this week, and it showed on the scale this morning. I didn’t manage to drag myself to the gym until Wednesday. I had only lost 400 grams this week, it’s not a huge number but it’s progress. If I think about it as ‘almost half a kilo’ it makes me feel much better! If I keep this up every week I will definetly reach my target weight long before my deadline!

I decided to put my running program on hold for a while, until the weather improves. Will all the snow and ice right now, I have to do it at the gym, and I already go there four times a week. I don’t think it’s super healthy to have Edward in the daycare every single day. But don’t worry, I still do cardio!


Wednesday: Weights that day. Leg presses, this step up body weight thing (for legs), dumbbell bench presses, lat pulldown and the always lovely plank. This is what I usually do when I do weights.

Thursday: Met my personal trainer for the 2nd time, and we talked about my regular routine and if my excecution was correct. She also taught me the perfect squat (which is the best for your but)!

Friday: Was going to get up early and do both cardio and weights, but Edward kept me up all night and in the end I didn’t get to the gym until later than usual and only ended up with 23 minutes on the elliptical. Not much time, but quite pleased with my effort (and amount of sweat!).

Saturday: Did 30 harsh minutes on the elliptical before legs. Was planning on doing full body, but there were a surprising amount of huge guys at the gym so I decided to just do leg presses, the step up and plank before I headed home. Did however add 10 extra kilos to the leg press and killed it!

Sunday: Sunday is family day, and we went for a nice (cold) walk on Fløien after the sun went down. Not our usual route, which was nice.


Inspirational pictures from my favourite IG fitspo tonedtannedandfit

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