Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weighing in, week 7

I’ve been bad in the food department this week. And I got my punishment this morning when I found out I’d lost NOTHING this week. Same sad number on the scale as last week. Thank god I didn’t gain anything! That’s what I get for snacking between meals, and cutting down on protein. And those darn ‘Eat Natural’ bars! They’re sooooo delicious, but we all know they’re not as healthy as they look! No more! And let’s not talk about that heinous valentine’s day… Atleast I had some good workouts, can’t wait to do even better next week.

Tuesday: Did my usual weight program, and added bodyweight squats as well! I need my big but back, and we all know nothing works as well as squats! I’ve also added 10 extra kilos on leg presses, and one extra kilo on dumbbell bench presses!

Wednesday: Cardio on the elliptical once again! 35 awesome minutes, was about to die by the end.

Friday: Weights once again, which is definetly becoming my favorite way to work out. Did the full program, squats and all!

Saturday: Was planning on just doing cardio, so I started with 40 minutes on the elliptical, but by then I was so in the zone I wanted to do weights as well! Did legs afterwards (could barely finish I was so tired!) and just a little bit of arms before I had to go. Loving working out on Saturdays when I can leave Edward at home with hubs and just work as long as I want!

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I finally got some new workout clothes this week, from my favorite brand Nike! I usually dress in Nike from head to toe, haha. Got the yellow shirt in pink as well.

I post all my workouts on Fitocracy, so if you want to keep up check me out!

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