Monday, April 15, 2013

Weighing in, week 14 & 15

It was about time for another one of these posts wasn’t it? I was going last Monday, and update week 14, but I was in the lousiest mood after stepping on the scale. I knew I wouldn’t have lost any weight over easter, but I was not prepared for the fact that I had gained and still hadn’t lost it. I was back at 80 stupid kilos last week, and it made me feel sick. I had been so good in the gym, and yet nothing. Hubs went offshore for a week, and it seems I have no self control when he’s not with me. I just get all sad and end up buying lots of sweets. Very bad girl.

But last Tuesday, waiting for my darling hubby to come home, I decided it was time to take back control. I didn’t want to count calories, but it seemed I had to so I started using the free (you have to become a member though) food calculator from Grete Roede. And boy did it work! I got a few rude awakenings, like finding how many calories there are in butter or olive oil and that my favorite dinner contained almost 1000 calories! We won’t be having that so often anymore. I only had 3 visits to the gym last week (but managed 2 cardio workouts and 2 full body strength) but this morning I had lost a full kilo! 79 is a new low for me, and it feels great! I don’t plan on counting forever, but for now it seems a good idea to discover the truth about what I eat.

I won’t be writeing up everything I did in the gym these past weeks, it’s pretty boring anyways. If you really want to know, you can always check me out on Fitocracy.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Big box from Saks

After almost a week of wait (darn easter!) DHL finally knocked on my door today with a nice big box from one of my favorite stores, Saks Fifth Avenue. It contained a pretty gift from my boyfriend, an offshore prezzie from his last trip about a month ago. I made a wishlist a while back, and at the very top were a pair of simple, gold sandals. Now I need summer so I can wear them!

This is my first experience with Tory Burch, and I already want these in pink as well! I do have a place in my heart for effortless, american designers. Saks said to order these half a size down, but they didn’t have my size so I ordered my regular size and I’m really glad because my feet are a bit wide so they wouldn’t fit if I had them any smaller. So now you know if you want a pair.






Since we were putting in an order anyway I decided on getting the Just Skin tinted moisturizer from Chantecaille and some summer clothes for Edward. I can’t wait to see him in these! They’re from Offspring and Hastrings. Crazy adorable, right?



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Instagrams of March

Is it April already? How did that happend? Time flies so fast, and Edward is almost 6 months even! March felt like it was all about leading up to easter, and we ended the month on holiday visiting my parents in Haugesund and Egersund. I went a little snap happy on Edward too, so I never regret not taking a picture of him.










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