Monday, June 24, 2013

The blog is moving!

Good morning people! This is a big day because the blog is MOVING! I will be moving back to my old blog Skjønnhetsbloggen starting today, and no longer blogging at this adress. Due to the fact that most of my readers are Norwegian I will be blogging in Norwegian again, but all posts will have English translations as well, no need to worry! Since Skjønnhetsbloggen (translation: The Beauty Blog) is about just that, beauty, there will be way more stuff in that department but still lots of the personal posts you love.

So please update your bookmarks and like it on BlogLovin’ (all current followers of this blog will be moved automatically).

Thank you guys for following me here and I hope everyone will keep following me, and I promise there will be lots of goodies there you will absolutely LOVE!


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